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8 Types of Adult Diapers Are Commonly Used

【abstract】:8 Types of Adult Diapers Are Commonly Used     If you or your family need adult diapers, you want to buy good quality and not expensive price, the following questions might rise up in your mind:  ...

8 Types of Adult Diapers Are Commonly Used



If you or your family need adult diapers, you want to buy good quality and not expensive price, the following questions might rise up in your mind:  How many types of adult diapers are there in the world? Which kind of diaper is proper for me/my family?

Here as a 16 years disposable diapers factory manufacturer, we made a summary for 6 kinds of disposable adult diapers commonly used in different countries.


According to with tabs or not, disposable adult diapers can

be divided to 2 types: adult briefs + adult pull up underwears.



                           adult brief diaper                                             adult pull up diaper


Adult Briefs - A brief is an adult diaper with tabs, or we say with side tapes. Sometimes we call adult brief as adult open diaper. With side tapes or tabs, an adult brief can be opened and refastened again and again. This will be good for those users of booster pads, whom use a booster pad inside the diaper to save cost. Booster pad is much cheaper than diaper. So for saving cost, to insert a booster pad inside diaper is very economic way. Once the booster pad is wet, just open the diaper tabs, and change a new booster pad inside, and then  refasten the brief diaper’s side tapes is ok. Another reason for using open brief diaper is, for serious incontinence users, they cannot move or wear underwear, so using brief open diaper is much easier than using pull up diaper, because no need to move user’s two legs, just help user to lie on his side, put the brief diaper on his hips then help him to lie flat, and close the side tabs is ok.

For adult briefs, according it can be opened and refastened once or many times, there are refastenable tabs briefs and non-refastenable tabs 2 kinds. The non-refastenable tabs briefs are much cheaper because it’s without frontal tape.

While refastenable tab briefs, according to the side tabs different raw materials can be classified to 4 kinds: PP tape adult brief, Magic Velcro tape adult brief, S-cut magic Velcro tape adult brief and Elastic Ears Velcro tape adult brief.

1. PP tape adult brief is a brief diaper with 4 polypropylene tapes on diaper side, which looks like plastic. The pp tape can be sticked on PP frontal landing zone. In this way to make diapers be opened or refastened again and again. This kind of adult brief diaper is economic choice.


2. Magic Velcro tape adult brief is almost the same as pp tape adult brief. Just the side tape is changed to higher quality Magic Velcrotape and frontal landing zone, or we call it hook and loop tape. It is stronger, has better stickiness, and looks more premium. So Velcro tape adult brief is higher price than pp tape adult brief.


3. S-cut Velcro tape adult brief is the same materials as normal Magic Velcrotape, just the Velcro shape is changed to S-cut shape, instead of normal rectangular shape. This kind of S-cut Velcro tape needs a big side panel to hold the big S-cut Velcro tape, so it has bigger waist size, and can help diaper to fit user’s body shape better, so that give user more comfortable feeling. So S-cut Velcro tape adult brief is much much higher quality and price.


4. Elastic Ears Velcro tape adult brief is still S-cut Velcrotape, but the side panel is stretchable and elastic. This elastic ears or elastic panel gives diaper good ability to suit big waist size users. Usually this kind diaper is also called Bariatric diaper. It is higher price, but good to use for super big or fat body users.


5. ABDL diaper is a diaper with cute cartoon printed on diaper, which is liked by Adult Baby Diaper Lovers(ABDL). Some adults like to wear baby printed clothes, and behave like a baby. They just wear lovely printed adult diapers to act cutely. This kind of abdl diaper usually is bulky, heavy weight, high absorbency up to 5000-6000ml, and with very lovely cartoon colorful printing. Of course, this abdl diapers are very very expensive.


6. Adult Pull-up diaper is a disposable adult diaper similar to underwear. But underwear is cloth made, while pull up diaper is made of disposable nonwoven and absorbent pulp etc. Different from adult brief diaper, adult pull up diaper can be directly worn on through pull on, and after using, just tear the side sealing to get it off.  Much easier, but this diaper is more expensive than adult brief diaper. Because its production is more complicated than adult brief diaper. And this adult pull up diaper is suitable for light and moderate incontinence, who can move freely, and can wear the pull up outside when we go shopping or travelling. Baby pull up diapers are more suitable for babies during learning walk. It is more comfortable and never drop off comparing to baby brief diapers.


II. According to backsheet different materials, adult diaper also

can be divided into PE backsheet diaper + Clothlike backsheet diaper. These materials also can be printed with brand logo and pattern, so there are also printed adult diapers. Customers can customize the diaper’s backsheet to be pe or clothlike, pure white or printed, both OK.


III. And before ordering adult diapers, also need to confirm

suitable diaper size you need. According to sizes difference, there are S, M, L, XL, XXL adult diapers. For bariatric diapers, it maybe XXL size. Different size diaper usually has different waist. Usually, M 70-110cm, L 85-130cm, XL 95-150cm, XXL 115-200cm.


Just choose adult diapers according to your needs and economic affordability. Wholesalers and importers can think about the sizes, unit gram weight, absorbency, side tape, frontal tape, backsheet, package, and order quantity. Then look for a factory or exporter to discuss OEM or import details.


Wish everyone can find his or her favorite adult diapers. If you have any question for consult, pls send email to diapers@kpbetter.com.

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