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1. Best Incontinence Products for 2019 -Dec. 6, 2018

【abstract】:Best Incontinence Products for 2019 Whether you have recently started experiencing incontinence problems, or have been living with them for a long time, one of the most important considerations is which inc...

Best Incontinence Products for 2019

Whether you have recently started experiencing incontinence problems, or have been living with them for a long time, one of the most important considerations is which incontinence products to buy.

It can be hard deciding which products best suit your needs and lifestyle, and people often take a while trying out different products until they find ones that are comfortable and offer the desired protection.

Having the right products provides you with the peace of mind you need to get on with your life and stop worrying about incontinence, so with that in mind, here are the top ten best incontinence products, updated for 2019.


1. Abri-Form Premium Adult Briefs, Level 4 Absorbency

Up to four times as absorbent as typical store-brand adult diapers and considerably better than any reusable diaper option, these briefs go above and beyond, providing a whopping 4000 ml (135 ounces) of reliable, leak-proof fluid retention. With standard bladder capacity standing at 400 – 600 ml, the Abri-Form Premium Briefs, L4, Abena’s best brief yet, can absorb up to 6 times more than your bladder can hold! In addition, the non-woven sidepanels are made from soft and breathable material, making these briefs one of the most comfortable incontinence briefs on the market.

  1. Waterproof Vinyl Pull-on Pant

Whether you use reusable briefs that tend to leak or you want the peace of mind provided by an additional barrier, these roomy, soft and comfortable plastic pants offer leak protection (and odor control!) you can rely on. Designed to fit over disposable and reusable diapers alike, these gender-neutral Waterproof Vinyl Diaper Covers are quiet and remain soft even after many washes.

3. Extended Wear Briefs

For people who need protection and dryness for extended periods of time, Medline’s Extended Wear Briefsare hard to beat. The high-performance extended wear core helps keep you dry for longer periods of time, the anti-leak guards make sure any leakage is confined to the briefs, and the wetness indicator lets you know when the briefs have been soiled.

  1. Wellness Underwear

One of the great things about Wellness’ absorbent underwear is that they are designed to be changed on a schedule, meaning you can be confident you are going to be protected and comfortable. They are designed to last between 8-12 hours and eliminate any of your exposure to urine. They employ NASA-inspired IconTek technology, which provides multiple layers of protection similar to the kind used by astronauts on long flights. The need for fewer changes also makes this underwear more economical.

5. Cardinal Health Washable Bed Pads

Cardinal Health washable bed pads are a waterproof pad designed to absorb up to 8 ounces of liquid. They come in five different sizes, so they are highly adaptable, are completely machine washable, are latex-free, and the backing is non-slip so you can sleep comfortably knowing the pad is going to be in position all night. Their high absorbency, combined with their durability, makes this one of the best incontinence products to keep on hand.

6. UltraSorbs AP Bed Pads

Anyone living with incontinence issues knows that a good quality, high-absorbent bed pad is a must-have in your collection of incontinence products. UltraSorbs AP Bed Pads are great because of how quickly they are able to draw moisture away from your skin, and the AquaShield film gives you extra protection so you don’t have to change your linens and bedding as frequently. They are also air-permeable, so they help to protect against rashes and skin breakdown.

7. Moliform Soft Liners

Moliform soft liners are both incredibly soft and discreet, meaning you get an incontinence product that feels great, and is virtually unnoticeable. They maximize your leakage and skin protection with leak guards and their dry technology which keeps the liner noticeably dry. They come equipped with a wetness indicator which alerts you when it’s time to change the liner, so you always know when it’s time for a new one.

8. FitRight Double-Up Liners

The FitRight Double-Up Liners from Medline are booster pads which are great because they allow you to add extra leakage protection to disposable briefs, and other incontinence undergarments. Double-Up Liners are designed to be very thin so that your skin stays drier, and are held in place by an adhesive strip so there is no moving around.

9. Aloetouch Wipes

Having gentle, disinfecting Aloetouch wipes on hand is a necessity when you have incontinence issues. Aloe vera is widely used as a soothing balm for everything from rashes to sunburns, and its gentle scent and soothing coolness cleans without irritating sensitive skin. They are lightweight, easy to pack, hypoallergenic, and alcohol-free. They come in a range of different quantities so you can stay fully stocked at home, or have something to keep in the car, or a travel bag in case of an emergency.

10. ProCare Adult Washcloth

ProCare Adult Washcloths are alcohol, latex, and rinse free soft and strong washcloths that come in packs of 50 and are specially designed with spun-lace fabric to be extra gentle on the most sensitive areas of your skin. They are 12 inches by 8 inches and are the perfect size for effectively cleaning large areas of your skin efficiently and comfortably.

Having good quality incontinence products on hand will make your life so much easier and less stressful. Whether you need products on hand in case of an emergency or require ones for continuous, daily use, the above products are ones that our clients come back to again and again for all their incontinence needs.

By Hanna Landman| December 6th, 2018|Guest PostsIncontinenceOur News|Comments Off


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